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sins of social media

7 Deadly Social Media Sins You Need to Avoid in 2018

Everyone of us were using Social Media and knowingly or un-knowingly, as an entrepreneur we commit some mistakes. These are the social media sins and should be avoided if you want to build your Personal Brand or Business Brand. But before that you need to know what are the social media sins that you might […]


Steps to Build Personal Branding From Scratch in 2018

Gone are the days when only business or products are known by their brands. Now its an era of Personal Branding. Personal Branding is not limited to companies or entrepreneurs but it is rather for everyone. Believe it or not but today every individual is a Personal Brand.   What is Personal Branding? “Personal branding […]

How To Navigate Relationship As An Entrepreneur

Relationship is something we don’t talk much about but it is something that is really critical for our success. And if I am being honest, a lot of us really struggle at relationship. Yep I am talking about needy greedy relationship with spouse, family, friends, girlfriend-boyfriend or even with your competitors. Relationship can get really […]

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