Obama’s advice for people who want to be successful in life

Barack Obama’s advice for young people who want to be rich and successful in life.

When I was a young adult I read the quotes that changed my life.

It went something like “if you can leave five years of your life the way other people cannot leave you’ll enjoy the rest of your life the way most people cannot”. 

Because of this quote and many other inspirations I got when I was going into the business world at age 21 changed my life to what is now.

I was not expecting instant success.

In fact, my expectation was to fail for a decade and that was the reason why I endured those tough years without complaining or making excuses.

Today I’ll be sharing with you what I consider the best advice from former US President Barack Obama for anyone who wants to be successful in life.

Barack Obama said making your mark in the world is hard if it were easy everybody will do it but it’s not it takes patience it takes commitment and it comes with plenty of failures along the way.

Reasons why most people are poor and Unsuccessful

The reason why most people are poor is not that the system was rigged against them it’s because it’s tough to be rich and successful.

The reason why many marriages don’t work is not that it’s normal it’s because it’s tough to maintain a blissful union between two people.

The reason why most people don’t succeed in life is not that someone stops them it’s because it’s tough hard and difficult and most people are not willing to go through those fires.

I’ve noticed that most people make excuses and complain because they expect life to be easy.

Life lessons you can learn

For example, A 23-year-old college graduate wants to start a business but he has no money and so he blames the government for not helping him.

Well, you have to do all you can to start as rough as you can and fight as hard as you can.

It’s not easy I heard you saying yes it was never easy for anyone so fight with your last blood for the victory you desire.

Here’s another example: A 25-year-old lad has started his business for three years and he has experienced many failures. 

Well, he doesn’t complain and fights on. 

It’s just normal for everyone who ever achieved any great thing has gone through with that exact same rough road. 

A 32-year-old employee hates his job but is afraid of what might happen if he follows his passion for music.

Well, don’t worry about yourself.

I know what will happen to you.

You’ll feel, feel and feel.

That’s the thing, that’s the road, that’s the path that leads to success.

It’s tough, it’s hard, it’s difficult, and that’s why only a few people ever do it.

“Winston Churchill said if you’re going through the hell keep going”

The long walk to freedom after Mandela fought for the freedom of his people for many years including long years spent behind bars as a prisoner he wrote his autobiography with a title the “long walk to freedom”. 

Truly his life’s battle was obviously a long long journey of horror but so will yours be.

 If you want to be successful every journey to success is a long journey.

If you win a short journey everyone will follow it.

 If it were easy everyone would do it.

I sacrificed eight terribly long years of my life to fight for my financial freedom.

Those eight years were like hell.

Many times I failed, I cried, I suffered rejections and disappointment, but I wouldn’t turn back.

I wouldn’t turn back not because it was easy but because I knew the difficulties I was going through was just as normal as anything.

If you want real success don’t expect it tomorrow because it’s a long and tough the road that leads to success.

I have a friend who started a business and then stopped.

He said it’s not possible to make it in our country as there are more people like this everywhere.

They attempt a great thing and fail then they turn back and look for whom to blame.

It may be the government, the economy, or the appearance, but they will surely find someone to blame.

What these people don’t know is that every single individual who has ever achieved success has also gone through several failures.

Winston Churchill said “success is moving from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. “

Those who become rich and successful in life are often people who endured several failures until they achieve success.

That's why Calvin Coolidge said, 'nothing in this world can take the place of persistence nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent persistence and determination.'Click To Tweet

If you can’t persist you can’t win in the game of life.

It’s not easy to persist but you have to do it if you want to be rich and successful in life.

tips to become successful in life

1. read the biographies of successful people

I love reading biographies because biographies are the most helpful type of books.

Biographies show us what movies can not show us about success.

In movies, you can see successful people but you can hardly see the horrors and tears behind those successes.

In biographies, you see the real picture of what people went through to become who they are.

These stories will do three things for you. 

  • First, you have a better understanding of how people achieve success.
  • Second, you’ll be encouraged and won’t blame someone else for your failures instead you see failure as a teacher that makes you smarter
  • Third, you will never give up because you have read about many successful entrepreneurs before you went into the business world. 

I couldn’t give up when I failed for many years.

I couldn’t give up because I’ve read the stories of how ordinary people like me went through similar things to what I was going through and came out victorious.

If they could do it I can do it.

Making your mark in the world is hard if it was easy everybody would do it but it’s not it takes patience it takes commitment and it comes with plenty of failures along the way.

2. avoid negative people

Negative people are everywhere and their job is to see how things are not possible or who is responsible for what is wrong.

These people are contagious.

If you make them your friends or you respect their opinions they will soon discourage you from fighting for your dreams.

People have told me in the past you can’t become rich unless your father is rich or as a middle-class, you can’t make a lot of money in this country because it’s tough and other things.

These people will tell you a million reasons why whatever you want to do cannot succeed and to make matters worse their points will be reasonable.

3. go beyond reason

Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world stimulating progress giving birth to evolution.Click To Tweet

Your imagination is far more important than facts.

Your dreams may appear to be bigger than you and that’s fine because if it’s not bigger than you it’s not worth your time.

Go beyond reason, go beyond what everyone thinks is normal or possible. 
imagine it and fight for it for.

Get your hands dirty.

Life is like water if you are afraid of jumping into the water because it’s cold you remain fearful but if you jump in you’ll discover that it’s not as cold as your mind made you to believe.

Yes the road to success is tough, yes becoming rich is difficult, but if you’re willing to take massive and determined actions you soon discover that you are 100 times more powerful than you think.

You are making your mark in the world. 

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