Steps to Build Personal Branding From Scratch in 2019

Gone are the days when only business or products are known by their brands. Now its an era of Personal Branding.

Personal Branding is not limited to companies or entrepreneurs but it is rather for everyone.

Believe it or not but today every individual is a Personal Brand.



What is Personal Branding?

“Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. – Wikipedia

Directly or indirectly we all are building our personal brand.

For example : You know Steve Jobs because of Apple, Bill Gates because of Microsoft. So instead of seeing company as brand we became fan/followers of the creator. This is best example of indirect personal branding.

Its not a new concept. Personal Branding exists since centuries, and now in the presence of Internet and social media it just got the buzz it needed.


What is My Personal Brand?

This is an obvious question you need to ask yourself as this will be the make or break for your brand.

So this is basically like finding your own Niche (topic).

Everyone is good at something.

It can be anything ranging from Hobby, Passion, Dream, or Knowledge.



How to Find Your Personal Brand?

Well this is interesting. So before we look further You need to consider few things first.

1. Identify Your Strength and Weakness

It will be something that you are going to work for whole of your life.

“Give it time and just Think about it”

Everyone got their strength and weakness.

So basically your strength will be the quality upon which you will build your Personal brand.

Think about the characteristics or quality that you have built during your life.

“For me its always about creating content. I started with writing short stories on a free bogspot blog. Later published an eBook. I know the struggle and hardship to build your brand when you are new and the competition is high. But in case of Personal branding it is just opposite. As you grow you will build your audience even in crowded market.”

There maybe plenty of things you Suck at but there will be always one thing that you can do better than others.

Yes that will be the base of your brand.


2. Create Perfection

Its good to have some knowledge to start.

Whether you know everything about it or nothing, You just can’t stop learning.

Always absorb more, read more and write more & more.Click To Tweet

This way you will be always be updated and in-turn you audience will get the best experience from you.


3. Be Yourself

Personal branding is all about being Yourself.

Don’t always try to be Unique. Am I Kidding! No.

Its OK if you got any unique talent or information.

But don’t try to find something that no one is doing. Why? Because you will find about everything online.

And it is really OK to have competition in the market.

Just for example if you create a unique product and there is no market/customer for that. This means your product is flop.

And if you create something which is in demand. You will not have to worry about its customer/market.

So all you have to do is Find your own style.


How to Build Your Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is a sort of online business.

You can create your online presence first and then move it higher on offline level or vise versa.

But there are few steps that you need to take to brand yourself.


1. Build Your Own Platform

This is like owning a digital office.

And the best way to do is create your own website.

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It will the space to showcase your portfolio and your work, which will ultimately give you some footage.

Now in case of personal branding the domain name which you will choose should be your name as it works better than having some mambo-jumbo name.

It also includes having same name across all the Social Media.

Like for my domain I have (because is already taken) and across all social network I have “realshadabalam” as username.

Always try to be uniform in choosing your username.

Link your username or your social profile everywhere on your website/blog, YouTube channel etc.


2. Inspect Your Online Audience

Maybe you already have some social presence in any of the social network.

Research about your audience, which basically maybe your friends and family.

Look out what they share and post in their Niche.

If possible create something that can solve their problem or provide information they might be interested in.


3. Share Knowledge and Value

In order to stay in the over crowded market you have to provide values to your audience.

There are many people who provides value and knowledge. So you have to provide something more valuable piece of content.

Always write for your audience and clear their doubt or provide values.

Make them know that you can produce content better than others and give them reason to follow you.


4. Be Purposeful

Everything you share across any of the social media platform should provide some value.

Every tweet you send, every status update you make, every picture you share, contributes to your personal brand.

Once you can make out what’s working for you and your brand you can target those things for future reference.


Final Words

Building a Personal brand takes both time and effort.

It is not possible to build a successful Personal Brand overnight.

You must be willing to put your hard-work without expecting anything in return during your early days.



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