How To Say NO And Don’t Feel Guilty About It

Now if you like me you are people Pleasers and you are likely to say Yes to me for anything. You maybe tired or exhausted right now but if I text you are likely to respond.

So it may seems a funny post but its true. People hesitate to say No. And they may repent for saying yes in later stage.

You must also have been through the situation when someone has asked you for something and you responded positively. Even though you were tired, exhausted and didn’t really wanted to do it. Still you said yes and regretted your decision afterwards. Then believe me you are not the only one with such problems.

Now there is a time in business where I thought I have to say yes to everyone. Whether it’s about guest post or about collaboration I said yes to everyone.

I had a fear in my mind that if I say NO I would loose my big break or would not be able to reach the height where I want. Which I would say there is no such things called reaching a great height.

But now I have a really strict criteria and I say No to much things.

Do remember you can’t have a Yes without saying NO. And if you are not careful with your Yes, you may miss a lot of opportunity without even realizing it.

If you keep on saying Yes, you miss a lot if opportunity for self care which I have already covered in my post.

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Why You Need To Say No?

Everytime I say yes to something that aren’t the right fit for me or for my brand, or aren’t quite what I am passionate about, it generally means no to something I love and care for.

In my life I have an experience that everytime I am saying yes to small things I was saying no big opportunity.

And the big things are the one that make an impact.

The big Things are the things that changes life. And when you keep saying Yes to small one you miss the opportunity to say yes to big ones.

Now saying No have a great impact on my life. It even boosted my profitability. This is because now I work on things I like or things that can benefit my business. And that too without compromising the quality.

Saying No to multiple things bought me rest instead of stress.

And when you say Yes to million of things in fear of losing your golden opportunity or fear of losing relationship or starting a new one, you are just benefiting others.

Now you got why saying No is essential. So how to do it in a manner that it doesn’t hurt others. Because saying no sometimes means that you are letting down other people. It also brings a lot of negative vibe as No word itself is negative word. And for people pleaser its very hard to say NO.

But No is not a negative word as it seems and it can really have a positive response in your life if you use it wisely.

So how to say NO politely that it doesn’t hurt others and your brand

1. Saying its not the right time

You don’t have say No directly but you can have a indirect tone. Like, “hey this is not the right time, but how can I help you”, or “I will try to look into that matter”, or ” What else I can do beyond what you are asking”, etc.

But that doesn’t means I didn’t respond to messages or mail I got into my inbox. But if there is some demand like one to one mentorship etc I have to say No there. And if I have some related blog post I try to link to them. So that I could be helpful even after saying NO.

People will understand you. They will know what they can ask for and they will respect your boundaries. Even it depicts professionalism.

But don’t confuse it with engaging with your audience. Keeping a good relationship with your audience is as necessary as building a brand. They are not only your customer or buyer but they are your fans, friends, or someone who wants to know about you. They consider you as your mentor.

2. Have Accountability Partner

“An accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. The term is a neologism and has gained relatively wide use since the 1990s.”

It can be some person who will talk on your behalf to the customer or clients depending on your service. This can be your first line of defense. You can give instructions on which emails of the client they need to forward to you. It can be a screening process for you.

On the other hand the replies were made by your Partner so that you don’t need to come up front in saying NO to anyone.

Your Partner can politely decline anything that in somehow unrelated to your niche. This will help protect your personal brand.

3. Motivator

Don’t ever say Yes to anything if it doesn’t motivates you.

And if you say yes to these sorts of things you are likely to fail miserably. So better avoid it.

As saying No at sometimes may seems little offbeat but that’s the right way to do if you don’t want to repent at a later stage.

If any works motivates you, say Yes without thinking twice as you will anyhow complete that task.

And if it doesn’t motivates and you said Yes then you might not able to do it efficiently which will hurt the other’s expectation.

4. Schedule Your Time

Time Scheduling is a great way to say No.

For example if you plan to go shopping on Saturday, mark it on calendar. That’s how if someone asks you to play cricket, you can say that you have plans.

This will not hurt them plus you can work productive according to your schedule.

Though for some emergencies you have to be flexible but for majority of task you can schedule.

5. Focus on Your Priorities

You can’t do everything, so it is important to be able to give a respectful “no.”

Write down your priorities each day, and commit to getting them done.

If someone asks you to do something not in line with those goals, you can say No.

For example, you have to finish and submit your assignment on Monday and if someone invites you for party on Sunday, politely say No. As your first Priority is your Assignment. Tell them out it.

This way you can say no and the other person will understand your genuine excuse.

Final Word

Saying No is not a negative thing.

It is a productivity booster tool if used in a right way.

But don’t make it a habit of saying No to all the things.

Make sure if saying Yes or No fits in your guideline. Consider every aspect of your guideline before making any decision.

If you got any tips feel free to comment below



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