How To Beat Procrastination And Get Things Done

In this post, I am going to tell you the most effective ways to beat the current and to prevent future procrastination.

1. Your schedule isn’t Hitler

One thing I noticed about myself is that I love planning things out which is a good thing.

But the problem is that if I have to go off my schedule then I start to freak out and end up quitting altogether.

A really good way to combat this is to have it to-do list with your biggest items on it.

That way you have a better idea of the main objectives you’re trying to complete without freaking out when you spend an extra thirty minutes in traffic and have your entire schedule put on.

2. eat your elephant one bite at a time

Big goals are accomplished through a lot of smaller goals completed over time.

Don’t look at your big goal as just one goal.

Break down into smaller pieces so that it’s easier for you to accomplish them.

One goal that I have personally right now is to reach 10,000 youtube subscribers and I’m only at about 119.

So reaching 10,000 is pretty far away.

Something I’m currently doing is breaking my goal into four quarters which is essentially a year.

You could do this either as a yearly goal broken down into quarters or even monthly goals are broken down into four or one week periods.

The points aren’t about the type that you use but it’s more so about breaking it down.

And accomplishing those smaller goals so that you can gather momentum and move yourself in the right direction.

3. they’ll all keep living without you

When it’s time for me to work on my videos, projects, blog posts, or any other assignment that I’m trying to accomplish I put my phone on airplane mode and disconnect from the rest of the world.

This does wonder for my productivity while I’m working because it doesn’t allow for interruptions a lot of times.

I find that if I’m in the midst of being in flow and cranking out great content if someone interrupts me with a phone call even if it’s just for a minute I get distracted and when I get back to my work I’m not able to get into that.

Flow State a great book to learn more about being in a flow state.

4. Forgiveness

This is the most important tip you should follow.

Forgiveness can go a long way.

We’re are human and expecting yourself to be 100 percent successful with everything you set out to do is unrealistic.

Life is way too inconsistent to expect so much of yourself.

When you mess up don’t sit on the error instead move on and start focusing on whatever the next step is that you need to do in order to accomplish your goal.

A constantly recurring pattern for me when I first set out to lose weight was that I would tell myself I’d go to the gym five times a week and when I went any less than that I’d spent the entire following week focusing on the fact that I didn’t accomplish that goal.

They’ve caused me to associate going to the gym with two pains

  1. because of the physical pain that you feel from actually going to the gym, the soreness that you feel afterward, and
  2. because of the negative experience that I’d feel the week after for not accomplishing the weekly goal that I’d set out to do so

Go easy on yourself you’re already awesome.

5. set a deadline

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You had all semester to accomplish an assignment and somehow you’ve left it to the last minute.

You have 48 hours left to do something that normally would take you at least a week to accomplish.

Pop-out the Red Bulls in because you’re gonna pull an all-nighter.

In the same way, creating the illusion of a deadline can cause your brain to focus on the task at hand and create a sense of urgency.

So set yourself you time-limit left to complete the small task that you set from tip number two.

6. tip Batch Production

Batch production or batching is the technique to do one single task one day.

Let’s say you want to write blog posts for the whole week.

You will schedule your time in such a way that there will be no distraction for you.

You will like to lock yourself in a room with your work, and in this case, you will write blog posts for the whole week.

Batching a task requires proper planning and good execution.

You need to devote yourself to completing the task.

No means to call anyone or spend any unnecessary time browsing through social media.

Just write for one day.

Though you will be exhausted but the end result will be amazing.

You will have 6 posts for the upcoming week and you don’t have to write regularly.

Work hard for one day so you can enjoy the rest of your time according to your own wish without worrying about the work you need to finish.

Block this time only for writing and no other works like editing, publishing, designing, etc.

These things you can do later by blocking some other day for just editing, or designing, or anything.

Like next time you can block a single day batching all of your editing works, and some other day just for publishing work.

Now you got the picture.

This will help you to become productive as well as you will not procrastinate with what you have to do.

You will have a guideline that what you have to the following day.

7. Reward Yourself


You have to reward yourself for the work you have done.

Promise yourself that after you finish up the task of the day you will reward yourself with your favorite thing.

This really acts as the best motivation.

And this will help you bear the pain during the task that you need to do.

Because after the result you will have some rewards waiting for you.

8. Avoid Multi-tasking

If you think you will achieve a better result multi-tasking then you are absolutely wrong.

Though multi-tasking makes you feel that you have achieved multiple goals at a time, it is preventing you to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

So better avoid multi-tasking.

Instead, just focus on one work at a time.

Finish one then focuses on others.

This will help you not to become overwhelmed and procrastinate.

9. Pick a workspace

You should always start your work at the workplace that works for you.

Yes, everyone has a place of work where they are most productive.

So choose your workplace accordingly.

  • Your working environment should be:
  • Free from unwanted noise
  • Have proper ventilation
  • Clean and soothing condition, and
  • Distraction Free

My Suggestion to Stop Procrastinating

You know all these things will work only if you are willing to work.

The first step to stop procrastination starts from you only.

You have to take initiative, you have to set deadlines, you have to pay attention to your work, you need to keep going.

And if you can take time to work on your goals and see the end result you will never procrastinate.

The above mentioned are some of the tips that can help you to stop procrastinating and help you to achieve what you want to be.

So if this article helps you don’t forget to share it with people who might benefit from this.

And if you have any further questions about how you can stop procrastination you can ask in the comment section.

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