How I Humanize My brand (And You Should, Too!)

Building online presence is a critical aspect of Personal Branding as well as in Digital Marketing.

It is a long process and requires time to build your social presence.

But you can only do it if you follow its most important aspect.

And the most important aspects of branding is the Humanizing factor.

As people and the majority of audience experiences a lot of Advertisement but only a few brands responds to its customer.

But now even brands have started engaging with its customer because they want to Humanize with its customer.

So you too need to Humanize with your audience.

Just follow these basic tips and You will build your credibility and Humanize your brand too.


1. Personal Voice

To leave a Humane impression you need to sound humane.

You need to have a consistent tone and language across all social media channel as well as on your Blog.

And instead of being a cold detached corporation, you need to be someone who is like a friend to your customer and audience.

This is important to built trust and credibility.

And your brand should stick on a mission and doesn’t change time to time.

The core mission should be intact in every possible manner.

So this can either solve any of your audience’s problem or can motivate them to take action.

People want to interact and share their difficulties, so if you can write or create your message in a more personal way then they can too take action (which you always want).


2. Jokes & Humor

Instead of writing just a plain bunch of text, you should include some Jokes and humor.

This can lighten the environment and your readers can connect with you.

Now don’t laugh on my boring post :-p

Showing that you are ready to crack an occasional, spontaneous jokes makes you human.

It shows the post is written by the human and made for human and not for some Bot.

Including jokes and humor is not difficult.

Just write in a tone as if you were talking to your friend.

And your fun side takes action automatically.

Like that you don’t need to think how you can include jokes and rumor.


3. Have a Human Face

Don’t hide yourself on social media.

Give your brand a human face.

Put your face on every social media profile as it makes you more human than hiding yourself behind Brand names.

This is important as then you can post photos of yourself doing work, creating business etc on social media.

And don’t ever use stock images for profile and cover photos.

As for influencers, associating a well-known face to your brand is a great strategy.

Though Humanizing a brand seems difficult and yes it requires work, but you want to build a community of people/audience who wants to buy your product and services instead of just selling your products to anyone.


4. Reconsider Scheduling

In almost all the cases, scheduling post on social media saves a lot of time.

Even I do scheduling across all the social media sites.

But that too has a negative impact on people’s mind.

When people see that you post always at the same time and that you’re generally following an established pattern, they might have a feeling they’re dealing with a robot rather than a human.

Therefore, don’t overuse scheduling, no matter how useful it can be sometimes.

[alert-note]Note: Always play with time and don’t post repeatedly at the same time for over a week.[/alert-note]

5. Care for Your Community

You should show that you care about your audience.

And by Care, I mean real care, not just a show-off.

You need to show people that you are not here just for money.

So you’ll simply have to stop being all about profits and start practicing what you preach.Click To Tweet

So if anyone asks for help on the topic you promote, make sure to solve their problem.

This can help you gain more trust and finally, they can purchase your product and services when you launch or promote.

They will be your loyal fan as well as your customer.

A well-defined customer base is a boon for Bloggers and Digital Marketers.

Always try to provide knowledge and value to your customer whenever possible.

You can give multiple giveaways like I do.

I offer my Ebook Publishing guide for free. This is just to build trust and solve my audience problem as everyone now or then dream to see themselves as a published author.

[alert-announce]You can get this Ebook Publishing Guide from here for free.[/alert-announce]

So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

You can build your community as well as your audience will get a free guide, tutorial or helpful checklist.



Humanizing your brand is a good idea to stand out in a crowded market.

This way you’re not just building your customer base, you’re building a community.

You’re putting yourself on the same level as people who buy your stuff, proving that your business also consists of human beings not any different from your customers.

And people ask questions first before purchasing any product or services and many brands lack that.

If you humanize your business and can solve people’s query then they are more likely to buy from you.

That’s the power of humanizing the Personal brand as well as any business.



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