The Importance Of Self Care And Focus

Self care is something that I have put on my radar for a long time. It is important to know how we are filling ourselves up before we pour into others.

Chances are there that you maybe entrepreneur, writer , blogger, or just my friend, or a reader who are working 9-5, you are a people pleaser.

I think it is something tied to us or something that lives inside of us. We are constantly running on life’s wheel always Giving, giving,giving & never taking time to fill ourselves back up.

So this post is definitely for you if you think you are tired of running, exhausted, and now can’t do any work, or lacking some confidence , then it is something serious to consider. It’s really something that you need to talk about how you are going to have a self care and wellness for yourself.

But lot of time self care is understood or taken as a term of being selfish.

A lot of time there is a guilt feeling “I should not be investing on myself, instead I should be serving more. “ Though it can be serving to family or to society but taking a time off can really have some long term benefit.

Self care doesn’t means that you should be taking some weeks off from your work and go to some beaches. But self care is something that can be inserted in your daily chores without affecting your productivity.

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I think we all get sucked into it and social media only heightens that Glorification. And that is the most dangerous trap to fall into. The more we equip being Busy to being successful the more likely we continue seeking or striving for self care.

Yesterday when I was browsing through my Instagram stories there were many stories where people share stuffs that they work so hard, they have a great income and a glamorous life, yet they were not happy for the life that they got. So do remember,

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All those faces looks tired, exhausted and they don’t look lit up instead of having a great business.

So its not anyone’s fault but if you really wants to be real you, then you have to take care for yourself.

So I will be sharing my experience with you and it may seems a little offbeat for you depending on your work schedule and life, but that’s the beauty of it. You can alter it according to your own need. So that you can set self care into your priority and can introduce the same into your family.

5 Ways For Self Care And Wellness

I am not any expert but this 5 steps is something that I have been using for a long time. You can use the same or can modify according to your own requirements and can implement it in your daily life.

1. Sleep

The first one is the simple and yet the most effective one. Just ask yourself when was the time when you slept like a baby. The tension free nap how a new born babies take. No will be your most probable answer.

If that’s the case then you need take this as your priority.

All you need to do is create an atmosphere where you can have a powerful sleep. You could achieve that by:

  • Remove TV from your bedroom.
  • Silent your smartphone
  • Set your bedroom
  • Have a neat bed-sheet properly tucked in bed with no wrinkles.
  • Have a sleeping schedule
  • Follow your routine even on weekends.
  • Take a min of 4-6 hours or max of 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Believe me it really helps.

Because the sleep really keeps your brain intact and even increases your productivity. You can think more efficiently and you will be creative throughout your whole day.

2. Setup your boundaries

You need to setup some boundaries in your life and especially in your business. Like

  • You need to make sure not to work after your office hours.
  • Not to share your personal phone number to anyone.
  • Separate personal and professional life. Don’t ever mix it up.
  • Use auto-responder when you are not working.

Yes it will happen sometimes that you need to respond ASAP to those messages and calls, but you start implementing these guidelines during your initial stage, people will respect it. They will know what time to call you or text you.

For example you can’t call  doctor at mid night asking for help. You know that is not the time your doctor will be available. Until and unless you are some famous personality or have a family doctor at your disposal. Just kidding. 😛

But having a set of boundaries will not limit your work or productivity instead it will boost it. Plus you can even get some time to look for yourself.

3. Environment

So just I said that setting better environment in your bedroom can help you achieve your nap goals, similarly your working environment too plays a vital role in your self care.

If you don’t like the  environment where you are working, you can’t work efficiently. This will lead to build up stress.

Yes I know it is not possible to the change office look where you are working. It is not something controlled by you. But even there you can arrange few things which will give you some sense of satisfaction. These are like:

  • Setting up your desk
  • Organizing your work area.
  • Having some flowers (they are really good motivator & you can even give those flowers to your crush someday :-p )
  • Putting your family pictures on your desk or work area.
  • Some people even have some lucky charm. You can even use that. (Though I don’t have one)

As self care is not just about relaxing your body but it is even about relaxing your mind. So a good environment can boost your mind and can lit-up your mood.

4. Community

Yes community can be a great mood swinger. It is not just limited to number of friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram or twitter.  It is rather a community of people you interact with.

Ask yourself when was the last time you really had an engagement with real people or how often you interact with them. You maybe interacting with your friends or relatives or colleague on daily basis.

And in today’s era it feels that we all are connected with each other. But that’s not what our brain is habituated of. Instead it wants a true interaction.

This is where your friends come into play. Setup a meeting schedule, talk with them. It is a two way route and you both can be benefited.

Now you need to see how you are making room for real relationship. So community is a huge part of self care.

5. Hobby

So this is something I can say a lot about. But don’t worry I will not mention my MULTIPLE hobbies here :-p .

Everyone got some hobby, maybe some got more. But this is what you do when you are not working.

And for me I love doing podcast in my free time. That can be a part of my work but that started as a hobby and later I monetized it. But apart from that I write short stories, watch tech related videos.

This doesn’t means that your hobby needs to be productive. It can be anything. Just think of anything that gives you joy while doing it.

So its really important to have a hobby that excites you outside the work you are doing.

Final word

In today’s time we all want to achieve many things in short duration. And there are people who had achieved this. But they paid a heavy prize by not looking for themselves.

But by giving time for yourself you are not limiting yourself rather you are transforming or carving yourself to achieve more without compromising on your life.

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