How To Market Yourself For Free In 2018

Now trust me marketing is a term that makes us feel little confusing. In today’s era it is far far different what it is used to be in older days.

So today I will share my tips so that you can market yourself for free whether you are starting out or ready to scale your business to a greater height.

Now over the year we have watched marketing to grow and evolve and we as an entrepreneur often focus to pivot as the platform continues to change and our reach becomes constant.

Today I will walk you through the free marketing strategy that will work for you and not against you.

4 Ways To Market Yourself For Free

So today You will know the basic yet most important Marketing strategy that you can use without spending a single penny.

1. Social Media

Social media is the fastest and easiest way to market yourself for free. Each platform gives you a unique audience and you can grow your followers.

Now the true power comes from knowing your audience and serving then what they enjoy. A lot of time your followers follows you for some value.

So always provides something that can benefit them or they can enjoy the content you are posting about. This way they can take action.

As each platform serves a specific audience. And different audiences have different taste.

So for my Facebook page people love images with quotes rather than a blog post. Whereas from twitter I get tons of views on my blog post.

If you can understand what your audience likes on a specific platform you can really build your community around it. That’s what is important to market yourself as a brand or as a business.

Just make sure you are serving not selling. This way people will build a trust on you and towards your brand.

2. Start and Grow Your E-mail list

Email list building is the top priority of any marketing strategy. And staring an email list in the beginning of your journey can help you a lot.

For every $1 spend you can make $100 profit.

But don’t worry. You can start you email marketing for free from Mailerlite. This is the one I have been using on all of my platform.

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So when you can grow your email list you can reach your ideal customer in more intimate way and deliver them something that they need.

Just take an example, when you try to sell anything on Facebook or any social media platforms it feels like you are screaming in voids thinking your message will land on the laps of right people.

But when you build an email list that people opt-in to, you can serve the right people and market yourself as they invested their time opting into your email list.

3. Sharing & Getting Featured

You can work hard so that good and renowned publications feature your content or find and work for publication for free. The second option is worth looking for if you want to market yourself for free.

It is about producing content for them “For free.”

If you gets your content on someone else blog you can target their followers too. Some followers may become your followers too.

So you could write a guest post on your Niche related blogs or can be a guest on someone else podcast and can even have a collaboration.

But you have to do your research in finding your Niche audience related blogs or other content marketing platform.

In your outreach a lot of time you may experience No, but even a single yes can boost your reach.

Thus it can market you and your brand for free. But the only thing you have to do is produce content for free.

4. Video marketing

Now visual content are getting more engagement than any other forms. That’s why Facebook gives more priority to videos in its news feed.

Videos have the tendency to go viral and even it’s an engagement booster.

There are multiple options you can try. But now there are only two platforms that can get you market for free are Facebook and YouTube. As YouTube being the second largest search engine.

You can create your own channel or be a guest on someone else channel. This way you can create a personal touch with your Niche audience.

Video is a source where user gets to know you as an authority and can develop a relationship with you and your brand.

Final word

So these are the ways that you can use to market yourself for free.

There are more you can use but that all may require a little expense or sometimes doesn’t worth the results.

Stay tuned to this blog post as I will be updating more in this post.

And if you got some more tips share with me. Till then start Marketing Yourself.



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