How To Do More Work In Less Time With Batch Production

Many of My Blog readers and Podcast listener ask me how I produce content timely and how I manage different content platform.

So for your information currently I am managing four blogs and one podcast.

Apart from that I post continuously on social media platform like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

And the reason I am able to produce so much content and do more work in less time is through Batch Production.

What is Batch Production?

“Batching or batch production is the technique used by many content creator, blogger, podcaster, Youtuber, and many others who are successful today.”

It is just like producing content in bulk so you don’t have to produce it daily.

And this strategy is useful for everyone who wants to save time and money.

Also, it will help you live life stress free without worrying about producing content daily.

Like for blogging it is about producing or writing multiple post on a single day.

Even many YouTubers uses this technique. They record multiple episodes per day and some even record episode and content that last them for month or even for two months or so on.

Who uses this Technique and Who it will Help?

My answer is that it is useful for everyone and is used by all the successful people who are much active on their business plus they even have a social stress free life.

So you have two option now. Either create something unique everyday and post regularly on your respective platform, like recording daily for YouTube videos, taking and making images daily for social media or writing blog post daily and losing your social life or You can use your brief amount of focus time Batch Producing Content that can last you a month or at least a week.

Reason for Batch Production

The reason I mention about batch production is that :

  1. It saves time so you don’t have to produce content on daily basic.
  2. It also save money. So the time you use for crafting new post daily can now be utilized for some more productive task.
  3. You can have a stress free and more social life.

Is it Cheating?

Now you might be thinking that it is cheating.

So in my opinion it is just opposite.

Thing of producing content on the last moment is a big mistake.

You might not give your best and you will just produce content for the sake of producing it.

“Now just imagine your life when all of your content are produced and scheduled for future, so you sit back and relax or spend a quality time with your family.”

Tips For Batch Production

So here is my secret tips for Batch Production.

You can use it according to your own Niche.

1. Plan

Plan and Plan as much as possible on the initial stage before Batch Production.

Plan everything ahead of time.

Keep a list of task you need to finish. Write those down.

Like for Blogging, I write down all the ideas for multiple blog post in a single day and even plan out in what order I will write and publish my Blog post.

So basically it involves planning everything in advance. Like you can plan your whole day.

You can even plan what you are going to eat, when you are going to eat, what time you will start writing.

This may seems advance for some users but that’s what I do.

The same applies in case of any content creation. This is suitable for everyone.

2. Mentally Prepare Yourself

You need to prepare yourself that you need to write content on your planned day or continuously record for hours for YouTube or Podcast.

“You have to be prepared for one day stress to save yourself from daily stress.”

3. Block Your Day

Now my third tip is to block your whole day.

Just forget about everything and dedicate that complete day for Batch Production.

Many Podcaster like Pat Flynn records 4-5 shows on a single day. As he is producing shows once a week, one day recording lasts him for a month.

This gives them joy the next day thinking they have a content that will last them a month.

This is how successful people are always a step ahead from general one.

So you can do the same thing.

Just block a complete day for your content production.

Put your smartphone on Airplane mode and lock yourself with your content. Produce content in bulk.

Then the happiness you have have that you can’t explain and you will be more focused for for next task.

4. Stay On Routine

Even if you have completed your task for the blocked day and still left with time, you maybe tempted to write one more blog post or record few more podcast. But don’t ever do that.

You have to stick to your schedule. This way you will be more productive.

Yes there comes some time where you might need to change your routine but in general you should stay on your routine.

5. Avoid Editing

This is most important in Batch Production.

Don’t try to edit your content on the same day of Batch Production.

You might feel to edit some part, retake some shorts, re-record your podcast but don’t ever do that.

Instead leave editing blocked for some other day.

Final Word

Batch Production not only save time and money but it is important for Self Care too.

This is one of the most productive life hack that many people use in their daily life.

So what are you waiting for. Start planning your Batch Production day. The results you get will be amazing.

If this productivity hack motivates you to take action don’t forget to share it. And if you got any additional tips do let me know by commenting.



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