5 Must-Read Productivity Books in 2019

You know when I started reading lot of productivity books I found that there are an awful lot of good stuffs that can help an individual to gain some powerful insights on Productivity.

Well in this post I want to share with you my top Five list of Productivity Books.

These are the five books which have had the biggest impact not only on my life on how I view time management and productivity.

1. Deep Work by Cal Newport

Now the first book on this list is called Deep Work by Cal Newport.

I read Deep Work when it first came out and it absolutely transformed the way that I work.

One of the big messages in Deep Work is that we’ve lost our ability to focus.

Cal Newport takes a look at some of the most prominent thinkers inventors and leaders of the past and shows how they spent a great deal of time alone in their thoughts just focused on maybe one or two problems at a time and how in today’s day and age we’ve lost that ability.

One of the biggest takeaways that I got from Deep Work was the ability to actually shut down and finish my work day at a particular time.

In fact the author Cal Newport shares how he does a routine of actually closing his laptop lid and saying to himself out loud “shutdown complete“.

Now I don’t do this every single day but I do find myself doing it from time to time.

It’s a great way to remind myself that I’m going to move on to other things and leave my work behind.

So if you’re looking to increase your focus be sure to read deep work by Cal Newport.

2. The Four Disciplines of Execution by author Chris McChesney

Now the second book on this list is all about goal-setting or perhaps more specifically about goal achieving.

In the book the four disciplines of execution by author Chris McChesney gives us a four-step template for achieving any goal.

Now one of the biggest takeaways that I took from this book was having a visible scoreboard or a scorecard something that I can’t ignore something that I see every single day to see if I’m winning or losing the game of my goal-setting.

I mean you’re either winning or losing, as author Chris McChesney points out.

This is absolutely a fantastic read either if you want to achieve your own individual goals or if you want to achieve goals with a team or larger organization .

So make sure you pick up the four disciplines of execution so you can start hitting your goals out of the park.

3. The One Thing by Gary Keller

Next up on this list is one of the few books that I’ve read multiple times The One Thing by Gary Keller, helps us to simplify our work life and help us to pinpoint and focus on our most important tasks .

Now much of this book is based around one key question that Gary encourages us to ask ourselves on a regular basis.

But it goes so much more than just the one thing question.

One of the biggest takeaways that I took from this book was blocking out time in the morning for my most significant tasks.

And I know it may sound pretty outrageous to block out as much as three or four hours for your most important goal.

But as author Gary Keller points out, if you’re not blocking out large chunks of time, when will you find time for your most important work.

So be sure to check out the One Thing so you too can achieve extraordinary results.

4. Getting Things Done by David Allen

The fourth book on this list may just be the most well-known Getting Things Done(GTD) by David Allen now this was one of the very first books that I read on the topic of personal productivity or time management and many of the principles that David Allen outlines in the book are still applicable today.

Now I will admit there’s a large portion of getting things done better known as GTD that I don’t agree with.

But one of the things that I think is an absolute staple is the idea of getting things out of your head and putting them into a notebook or a note taking application.

As David has famously said 'your mind is for having ideas not for holding on to them.'Click To Tweet

So if you haven’t read getting things done you may want to add this in your 2019 book to read list.

5. Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Now the final book on this list is called Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

The reason why I selected Essentialism to round out this list is that I think it’s message is very much in line with my message here at AlamShadab.

You’ve probably heard me say in the past that:

It's not so important that you get everything done. I care so much more that you're getting the right things done, that you're getting the important things done.Click To Tweet

Author Greg McKeown shares a variety of experiences from his own life where he almost missed out on some significant family events because he was trying to get too many things done.

So Essentialism is an essential read if you’re wanting to simplify your life and focus on the most important things.

Final Word

So there you have it my five favorite productivity books which have had the biggest impact on my life.

Now what do you think of my top 5 list?

And how many of these titles would also be on your top 5, and if you have other titles that you’d like to recommend be sure to include them in the comments below.

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