How To Navigate Relationship As An Entrepreneur

Relationship is something we don’t talk much about but it is something that is really critical for our success. And if I am being honest, a lot of us really struggle at relationship.

Yep I am talking about needy greedy relationship with spouse, family, friends, girlfriend-boyfriend or even with your competitors.

Relationship can get really tricky to navigate when you decide to be a dream chaser and risk taker.

5 Ways To Navigate Your Relationship

Let me tell you my 5 ways which I learned until its too late.

Try this so that you don’t have to make same mistake I made during my initial stage.

So lets get started.

1. Ask For Support

So when you decide to take a leap to achieve your dream you might experience a serious push back.

It may be a doubt or major questions about its uncertainty or achievement. Please know that it is likely your family and friends are looking on you but also be ready to defend your decision.

I know it’s scary to make bold moves or to step out on your own but here is the thing when you lag in your decision then they will be behind you. They will try to convince you. So always ask for support whenever you feel about it.

As in my case when I first talked with my parents about leaving the job and making a career in content marketing, they were scared.

But then I convince them by telling the future plan so that they can know it’s not a random rash decision I am taking.

And when they agree on the terms you set they will likely to support your decision. This will definitely boost your confidence. In turn they will be supporting you when you need it.

2. Setup Your Boundaries

The next thing that really works in relationship is setting the boundaries. One of the advices I will give you is to setup a boundary and stick to it. Don’t step out of it.

I have seen a lot of people who put relationship at their back in order to pursue their dream. And I totally disagree with that type of people.

When I had zero work-life balance it really affected my relationship. I was working on family weekends times to creating and scheduling post when I with my friends. Ignoring the needs of my close one when they really needed me because I had one more blog post to write or image to create.

So when you can setup a boundary like from this time to this time I will work and will not include work with your personal life then you can achieve your goal along with a happy personal life. Being attached to your business 24*7 can hurt your Partner, family or even friends.

3. Inviting Others On Your Journey

It feels weird to add or invite any members to your business. But that’s the critical aspect that can help you.

When you decide to make money from your hobby or passion, sharing the same journey with some other person can feel a bit of uncomfortable. When I first created my blog and trying to gain little traction from people, I was too scared to ask my family and friends to share the post or review it.

Then I realized if not my family, relative and friends are supporting me then how a stranger will support.

If I am afraid to share my biggest and boldest dream, if I don’t believe in the things that will make my living, then how any strangers will become my client?

Yes it feels uncomfortable to invite someone else into your journey but “good things comes out of comfort zone.”

So don’t hesitate to invite your friends, family, relative or your Partner in your journey. Tell then your story so that they can help you in achieving your biggest goal.

They can be your promoter in social media if utilized in a right way, can generate a lot of initial buzz. This can be possible only if you invite them into your Journey.

4. Communicate

Communicating with your partner, family or friends can really boost your business. You can let them know in advance that you need help in so so thing.

This can only be achieved if you communicate with them.

So if have “a partner in crime” who works on your business, you can ask or tell about the success, failures or the hardship you are going through.

You need to know these people how they can support you during those times. This is if you can communicate with them. You need to tell them as not everyone is good with reading people’s behavior.

5. Take Actual Time Off

You need to rest and rest together with people you live the most. Whether it involves taking vacations or taking a weekend away, shutting down your computer and really taking some time off from your work.

Maybe assign some work to someone else or have an auto-responder for mails and messages.

Don’t be scared. Have a faith in your business model that it will not crumble by taking a week off.

In order to be fully yourself you need to spend time in good circle, the company of your close one. So that you can be more productive in your daily life.

Final Word

Navigating relationship as entrepreneurs is hard. You are going to face diversity, you are going to face people that doubt you or question you. These might be the people that you love them.

But if you can take your relationship side wise with your Entrepreneurship journey you can answer their questions or clear their doubt.

And in the process they will understand you more and understand why you are rushing for your dream.

The only thing I will say you that you can achieve your business. So rather than regretting or thing what if you had support etc., take someone or everyone who could be your “Partner in crime”.



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