7 Deadly Social Media Sins You Need to Avoid in 2018

Everyone of us were using Social Media and knowingly or un-knowingly, as an entrepreneur we commit some mistakes. These are the social media sins and should be avoided if you want to build your Personal Brand or Business Brand.

But before that you need to know what are the social media sins that you might be doing.

The 7 Deadliest Social Media Sins

sins of social media

1. Lust

The thirst is real and If you are only posting on social media just for likes you are bound by constantly wanting more and more.

The only motive you will have is to get as many as likes, comments, and share.

But here is the thing.

The only way to get engagement online on social media platform is to engage back by creating a community around it.

This can be achieved by posting content regularly.

But posting content regularly should meet these criteria, either your content should be
a. Educational
b. Motivational/inspirational, or
c. Entertains

So instead of lusting for likes focus on creating content that is actually going to be beneficial for your audience.

Because if you are only posting it for like you are just creating garbage.

And that perhaps the deadly sin you are doing.

2. Gluttony

To avoid gluttony in social media there are two things you need to take care of:

(i) Don’t over Post

If you are just posting without any actual purpose you are going to MURDER your account engagement.

Don’t just jump on Hashtags or Trending topic if you haven’t done your research perfectly.

And posting anything just because of the trends will have negative impact on your social media accounts.

This practice has killed more Business Brands & Personal Brands than anything else.

(ii) Don’t over Consume

Consuming or rather wasting more time on social media without any reason is also a form of Gluttony.

It kills your personality as well as your productivity.

So only spend time doing what’s necessary rather than commenting on every status update or scrolling through your news feed without any reason.

3. Greed

Now every business as well as brands are using social media to drive sales.

So now or then they are loosing the real meaning of “Social” media.

If you just flaunt about making cash tan solving the problem of your audience you are neglecting the true meaning of it.

First serve your audience. Make a relationship. As your audience are not only customer. They are your followers.

And if you serve them well, you will make a lot of money through your targeted audience.

4. Sloth

This is the most growing sins people commit during their entrepreneurial journey.

And this is:

⇒ not engaging with your audience,
⇒ not replying to their comments, and
⇒ Inconsistent

These things mainly breaks all trust within your community.

Why should anyone follow you or engage with you if you were not there responding to their comments, solving their query etc.

Avoiding these mistakes are necessary to build a strong relationship with your community of audience.

These mistakes of real Big Brands and celebrity figures are always ignored because people knows about it.

But if you just starting out you need to keep your audience as close as possible.

5. Wrath

What I need to say to you is if you are in social media to be an A*sHole, you might not want to be on it.

That is not the purpose of social media.

Social media is built for:

⇒ Helpful Information
⇒ Healthy Discussion
⇒ Healthy Debates
⇒ Building community of Similar People

6. Envy

So if you are sitting there watching other people and being on your phone, and envying or being jealous of someone else’s success, I can challenge you to stop scrolling and start creating your own.

Rather then envying others you can follow them.

Helping each other is the only way to succeed.Click To Tweet

7. Pride

If you are taking a HOLIER-THAN-THOU approach to social media and think you can became an overnight expert, nobody in the world who is best at what they do became an expert overnight.

  • So always invest in education.
  • Invest in Resources
  • Invest in Mentors

Always be honest and authentic about who you really are and about your experiences.

People wants to see the real face not the one you wants to build.

Because if you are building your Personal brand on a pedestal of Pride, it will break. It always break. Sometimes sooner than expected.


Final Words

These are the sins we are have done in our social media journey.

But these are the mistakes/sins that needs to avoided before its too late.

Because social media have the power to make or break your Brand or Business.






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