Why Do We Have So Much Problems

One of the reasons why life sucks because it is filled with problems.

Every day we wake up we are bombarded with one problem after another.

In fact, that’s mostly what we do in life, wake up and solve the problems and then get back to bed, wake up again and do the same thing over and over.

Some of us are good at solving them while others are not…

But what’s clear is that there are simply too many of them and there is something must be done about it.

In fact, the reason because you are sad, depressed, angry, anxious, you name it!!! It is because of these problems.
For example, you get sick and feel the pain in your stomach, what are you going to do?

Definitely, you go and see the doctor. The doctor pulls out his tools, tries to figure out the problem and then gives you the right medicines.

You get back home with a giant smile on your face thinking that you solved the problem… But for some reason, after some time, you get a toothache, like you did before, you start looking for a doctor… This time you visit a dentist. He pulls out his probe and treats your tooth.

You feel satisfied and proud that you solved the problem.

However after a period of time, you feel the same pain again in your stomach, you are already familiar with that so you take the same path and visit the same doctor and the problem is solved again.

Fantastic!!!! Isn’t it?

I mean you should be called the master of solving problems! Nothing can stop you!

Unfortunately, problems do not stop there. They are everywhere, especially in relationships.

Women often complain about the man.

In the beginning, he seems like a good guy. Smart, confident, responsible, but after some time, he turns out to be an as*hole.

He is lazy, he cheats, you can’t trust him.

Then she wonders: why she always bumps into the wrong guy!

But in reality, these are not problems but rather symptoms of the problem, and there is a big difference between the problem itself and its symptoms, and the reason we have so many problems, is because we focus on the symptoms and not on the problem itself.

You know we break up with people we don’t even know how they appeared in our life, accidentally get sick, you name it!!

The reason you constantly have to go to the doctor isn’t because something is wrong with you but rather because you are having an unhealthy lifestyle.

No matter how many times you visit the doctor, no matter how great is the doctor, you will constantly get sick if you do not change your lifestyle.

And that’s the real problem…..

In fact, sickness is like a warning for you: if you don’t change your lifestyle, it will get much worse.

We drink, smoke, eat every garbage that looks delicious and then complains that our health is deteriorating.

Just because you broke up with that person doesn’t mean that the problem is over.

You will certainly meet another as*hole…

If you are constantly in a financial problem, isn’t it the time to pick up at least one book on financial independence.!

If you are overweight, isn’t it the time to make changes in your diet or maybe you should start exercising.

If you find yourself constantly in a conflict with others, isn’t it the time to work on your social skills.

If you are constantly stressed about every little thing, isn’t it the time to learn how to manage your stress.

It is easy to point fingers and blame everyone around, the government, the food, the economy, whatever!

But that’s not going to change anything.

The purpose of this post is to tell you: Bro! Focus on the real problem.

Then you will stop seeing the doctor, you will have great relationships, and you will not always be in debt.

And now it’s your turn.

What’s the problem you want to solve first?



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